Breakfast & Spreads

Breakfast Cereals

Cornflakes Portions (40x24g)

Code: 46000

Kellogg's Corn Flakes (4x500g)

Code: 46001

Crunchy Nut Cornflakes Portions (40x35g)

Code: 46010

Fruit & Fibre Portions (40x45g)


Rice Krispies Portions (40x22g)

Code: 46025

Coco Pops Portions (40x35g)

Code: 46035

All Bran Flakes (4x700g)

Code: 46040

Frosties Portions (40x35g)

Code: 46045

Special K Portions (40x30g)

Code: 46050

Kelloggs Corn Flakes 10kg)


Kelloggs Rice Krispies (4x400g)

Code: 46090

Kelloggs Bran Flakes (7kg)

Code: 46100

Kelloggs Coco Pops (5kg)


Kelloggs Frosties (5kg)

Code: 46120

Sugar Puffs (7kg)

Code: 46125

Weetabix Portions (48x2)

Code: 46180

Scotts Porrage Oats (4x3kg)

Code: 466551

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Jams, Honey & Spreads

Menz & Gasser Apricot Jam (3kg)

Code: 310113

Hartleys Raspberry Jam (3.18kg)

Code: 310183

Menz & Gasser Strawberry Jam (3.18kg)

Code: 310193

Breakfast Marmalade (3.8kg)

Code: 313123

Mini Assorted Jam - plastic (120x20g)

Code: 310160

Mini Strawberry Jams - plastic (120x20g)

Code: 310190

Mini Marmalade - plastic (120x20g)


Apricot Jam Portions (100x20g)

Code: 310167

Mini Breakfast Marmalade - glass jars (72x28g)

Code: 313161

Mini Strawberry Jam - glass jars (72x28g)

Code: 310162

Mini Blackcurrant Jam - glass jars (72x28g)

Code: 310164

Mini Raspberry Jam glass jars (72x28g)

Code: 310165

Mini Apricot Jam glass jars (72x28g)

Code: 310166

Cream Honey Portion - glass jar (72x28g)


Clear Honey Portions - plastic (100x20g)

Code: 318533

Italian Blossom Clear Honey - glass jar (500g)


Clear Natural Honey - squeezy bottle (680g)

Code: 318590

Clear Natural Honey - squeezy bottle (1.36kg)

Code: 318591

Crunchy Peanut Butter (6x340g)

Code: 316530

Smooth Peanut Butter (6x340g)

Code: 316590

Nutella (6x400g)


Marmite Yeast Extract Tub (600g)


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